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Music Technology Module

Learning how to use today's technology is essential to all aspects of your music. Everything you hear on the radio, streaming, in advertising, movies...all have one thing in common: They have passed through a computer! From editing and mastering, to full production and recording, the computer has proven indispensable to music production.

Fundamentals of Computer Applications
  • Basic Analog to Digital sampling conversion
  • Functions of the computer, hardware and software applications
  • The use of GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • MIDI basics
  • Digital Audio Basics
  • Codecs, Drivers and Sys-ex applications
  • Between You and the Speakers
MIDI Progamming & Editing
  • Signal Structure
  • Channels
  • Event Controllers
  • Sys-ex Expanded
  • Basic Editing Parameters in Piano Roll, Events, Staff.
  • Advanced Editing and Routing
Recording & Editing Digital Audio
  • File Formats
  • Sampling Rates
  • Compression Formats
  • Editing
  • Recording and Playback
  • Surround Sound
  • Algorithms
  • Storage & Distribution
Intro Level DAWs
  • MIDI Programming & Editing
  • Audio Recording & Editing
  • VST Instruments
  • Plug-ins
  • Mixing in the DAW
  • Project Portability
The DAW: PC & Mac
  • Advanced MIDI & Audio Recording and Editing
  • Project Portability- Expanded
  • Loop Building and Production
  • Advanced Sampling Techniques
  • Top 3rd Party Instruments & Plug-ins
Basic Studio Engineering
  • Tracking a Performance
  • Use of Signal Processing
  • The Effect of the Stereo Field
  • Equalization: Making Room for All the Players
  • Basic acoustical Foundations of the Control Room
Practical Computer Composing & Production
  • Project Set-up
  • First Level Project Steps / Production
  • Second Level Project Steps / Production
  • Finalizing and Storage of your Project for Sharing and Recall


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